Kris – Bold




Amount of photos in album: 89 pictures
Resolution: 3840 x 5760
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
Length: 7:58
Video Thumbnails:

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17 days 18 hours ago

Is this still from the same batch as the other sets? Trying to set correct expectations as to how this one is filmed.

17 days 5 hours ago

Yes…. So glad to see “our” beautiful Kris plugging away while Deep Throating and Fucking a dildo, making up all of the parts of a Spit Roast and DP fantasy.

Thank you Kris for your Boldness and for sharing your beauty and fantasy with us. I hope that it has already been fulfilled many times over in big ways and that you keep on enjoying and experiencing it often.

And a big thanks to the Photographer and TM for bringing this awesome set to us. Can we see Kriss playing with another model?

More. More. More such sets with Kris and / or other models (TM/MC).

14 days 18 hours ago

I love the way this content is heading with dildo. I don’t like the buttplug though, and hope she removes this in future videos.

I would love a video where she does anal play with the buttplug or dildo. Seeing that would be sexy as fuck.


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