What is TeenMarvel?
TeenMarvel.com is a recently launched publication website for models. We work with various photographers and agencies around the globe to bring you new and classic models in ways you have never seen them before.

How do I join?
There is no members area to TeenMarvel. Each photo set is sold separately for a one time price. Download links are provided in zip format via e-mail after purchase.                    Click here to visit our store.

I did not receive my order. Help!
Download links are provided under “Order Details” after the order is received. Please also make sure you are using a valid e-mail address, as all content is delivered via e-mail. Use our contact page for assistance. Be sure to include any relevant information such as your name, order #, and anything else that will help us with your problem.

Why is TeenMarvel not operating like a standard membership website?
There are many reasons why we operate the way we do.

1. Favorite Models. Since we offer various models on a single site, we realize that certain people are fans of certain models. In a standard membership website, there’s the possibility you would pay for a monthly subscription and then never have your favorites update during that month.  You also might forget you have a recurring subscription. Our solution allows you to browse and purchase only the sets you want, without all of the fuss.

2. Built for Photographers. Our system allows each of our photographers to be paid based on sales volume. They can choose to receive a percentage of the revenue generated from each photo set they publish to our website. This can also apply to the models. The current system allows us to monitor and track this data efficiently.

3. Tracking the favorites. We can track which models are the favorites among everyone, so we know to bring them back and shoot for us.

4. Piracy. Unfortunately, this is a reality with no clear solution. A standard membership website makes it too easy for one to steal content. We are not fully opposed to the sharing of content. So if you wish to share something, contact us before doing so, or you risk being blacklisted from future purchases.

Is TeenMarvel associated with *insert website*?
No, TeenMarvel is its own separate entity.

Are payments secure?
Yes, all payments are secure. Your privacy is one of our top priorities. Payments are made through SSL, thus we do not receive your most private information and data.

Can we make requests?
You are free to contact us with your suggestions. We welcome any ideas within reason for future photoshoots of our models.