Lili – Heartfelt




Amount of photos in album: 107 pictures
Resolution: 4480 x 6720
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
Length: 10:31
Video Thumbnails:

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6 months 9 days ago

I wish we one day will see a jewel/plug in her! <3

6 months 9 days ago

Lili does make me pump uncontrollably, you’re right TM. My heart beats fast for her always. 😉 I’m surprised this set wasn’t saved for Valentines day, but I love her in pink and also wearing stockings so I’m all for having it now! Perfect panty teasing and with that feather too, fantastic.

I didn’t mention it last time, but I enjoy the new video intros you’ve started doing with the anniversary, TM. They still give a little peek, but it’s really just nice short and sweet before the full show starts.

6 months 9 days ago

That’s good to hear. 🙂
And the new intro was partially made for the anniversary, but mainly it was to speed up production. The previous intros had to be rendered on a separate program which took up precious work time. Now instead of rendering two clips we just have to render one. Work smarter, not harder as they say.


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