Lili – Black Dress




Amount of photos in album: 79 pictures
Resolution: 4480 x 6720
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
Length: 10:03
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9 months 15 days ago

Thanks for Lili today, TM. I have been a bit busy this evening, but I am always in the mood for some classic Lili on the bed. 🙂 Makes my day a lot better! I loved the original tribute I received of this one so it’s nice to see it all in full. Perfect shots of Lili’s butt in those tiny black panties. 😉

9 months 14 days ago

The perfect body. Love to join her on and in the bed

9 months 12 days ago

Never had a stronger urge to sniff a butthole more than this

9 months 5 days ago

not sure about sales numbers but the tm lili users have lost it now, confirmed/official for sure. been away for a few days so I just have not been able to spare a few moments to post and see what’s what. I have said in other posts, just a short while ago we would have been drooling and salivating at such views of our goddess now a new release just cums and goes and barely a comment people have become so jaded. I mean cum on people lili on her back at 9:08 legs invitingly spread, hand covering/playing with her pussy its lili so you know what I mean not full blown pussy play but you know, tits pushed together, all with a sexy/playful/mischievous look on her gorgeous face. some awesome pictures also. how right you are tm, lovely views indeed.

world is officially mad no. 1,002,345 and counting

9 months 2 days ago

What a super young lady! So many great set which you can revisit many times. Imagine your favourite pop stars had some killer material you never knew about. Then they release it later. Thats what you get with Lili.

8 months 28 days ago

Would love to see more of that beautiful butthole. Imagine some interaction back there with some other model!

8 months 27 days ago

Erik I have most definitely “imagined some interaction with some other model”

erik begs the eternal question who? would you pair up if that choice was up to you.

8 months 27 days ago

erik I automatically assume you own the below releases however if you don’t already own this selection of releases I would strongly urge you to purchase immediately jump straight to 3:33 to 4:00, then to 4:21 to 4:31, 6:29 till you cum. repeat and slow motion activated. 2:55 to 3:11 technically pussy heaven but if your familiar with this section you know what I mean and if your are not well you will see what I mean. 3:44 to 4:22 if the previous two have not brought you to climax maybe this third section will.

I like to add my favourite porno audio/video track in the background maybe even side by side to enhance the experience

if there are any other lili slaves that could add to the above playlist, additions and recommendations will be most welcum.


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