Venus Collection 🏆


Photos & Videos include the following:
Venus – Premier
Venus & Melissa – Bedroom
Venus – Black Dress
Venus – Black Magic
Venus & Odessa – Whipped Cream
Venus – Popcorn Party
Venus – Pink Mesh
Venus – Pom Poms
Venus – Baby Oil
Venus – Paint Battle
Venus – Lady Luck
Venus – Hazardous
Venus – Pink Leggings
Venus – Balloon Party
Venus – Flour Power
$180 Purchased Separately – All yours for just $39.95

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Amount of photos in album: 1500+ Pictures
Length: 2+ Hours of Video

odessavenus-cream-preview venus-popcorn-preview venus-pinkmesh-preview venus-balloonparty-preview venus-leggings-preview venus-hazardous-preview venus-ladyluck-preview venus-paint-battle-preview venus-babyoil-preview venus-flour-preview venus-pompoms-preview

venus-ballooncap-4 venus-ballooncap-3 venus-ballooncap-2 venus-ballooncap-1 venus-leggingscap-3 venus-leggingscap-2 venus-leggingscap-1 venus-hazardouscap-4 venus-hazardouscap-2 venus-hazardouscap-3 venus-hazardouscap-1 venus-ladyluckcap-3 venus-ladyluckcap-4 venus-ladyluckcap-2 venus-ladyluckcap-1 venus-paint-battlecap-4 venus-paint-battlecap-2 venus-paint-battlecap-3 venus-paint-battlecap-1 venus-babyoilcap-4 venus-babyoilcap-2 venus-babyoilcap-1 venus-babyoilcap-3 venus-flourcap-4 venus-flourcap-3 venus-flourcap-2 venus-flourcap-1 venus-pompomscap-3 venus-pompomscap-4 venus-pompomscap-2 venus-pompomscap-1 venus-pinkmeshcap-3 venus-pinkmeshcap-4 venus-pinkmeshcap-2 venus-pinkmeshcap-1 venus-popcorncap-2 venus-popcorncap-4 venus-popcorncap-3 venus-popcorncap-1 venus-black-magiccap-4 venus-black-magiccap-3 venus-black-magiccap-2 venus-black-magiccap-1 venus-black-dresscap-4 venus-black-dresscap-3 venus-black-dresscap-2 venus-black-dresscap-1 melissa-venus-bedroomcap-4 melissa-venus-bedroomcap-3 melissa-venus-bedroomcap-2 melissa-venus-bedroomcap-1 cumforvenus

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3 years 8 months ago

taking advantage of the flash sale 🙂

1 year 11 months ago

This is a great collection! I discovered it pretty much by accident, because Venus’s preview pic on View All Models is so eye-catching. Thanks TM, for the bargain price, and thanks Venus, for performing all those lovely poses – which get progressively more daring throughout the collection!

It’s just too bad that I missed out on the Maia Collection.