Sabi – Transparency




Amount of photos in album: 103 pictures
Video Resolution:¬†1920×1080
Length: 8:25
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1 month 10 hours ago

Unreal. And a huge surprise. I keep forgetting the goddess is on both sites. She was overdue for an update I feel though because I can just never get enough Goddess Sabi. Her MarvelFans site just keeps me wanting more. I only wish there were more updates of her there on MF however. Some of Sabi’s bravest and best moments were with Petra on their duo set together. I know for certain that many others, I included, would love to see Sabi do a follow-up set with Petra, or any other model really. Another awesome insta-buy.

28 days 23 hours ago

Dear god i wish the white part of that panty was completely ripped off before the shoot !!!! Still in all what a tease!!!! This girl is stunning !!! Hopefully we get a set like this with nothing blocking whatsoever sooner then later!

28 days 16 hours ago

Is there a chance Sabi will get her own site like Phoebe and Vanessa?

28 days 13 hours ago

Unfortunately she is too busy for that, but you are already getting lots of her across both websites.

19 days 5 hours ago

It is incredibly hot when Sabi pinches her nipples in this video. It is the only video I know of where she does this and I wish she could do more of that. Because of her friskyness here, this set makes it one of her best. Unfortantely(!!!), it is very brief and the camera pans up away from the pinching action. Albeit, it pans to her beautiful face, so I cannot blame the camerman. Her face, smile and eyes are amazing. I belive this and her duo set with Petra are some of her friskiest. In addition, this set overall is just incredible with every high-res photo of Sabi’s gorgeous body. Would love to see more of that type of behaviour in her Sab’s sets. Thank you!


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