Madison – Lovely Assets




Amount of photos in album: 128 pictures
Resolution: 3744 x 5616
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
Length: 10:01
Video Thumbnails:

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Mister J
1 year 11 days ago

Swwet mother of Lucifer!!!

1 year 10 days ago

Yes!❤️ What a piercing Beauty!

Now, if she would only add a bit of decorations to her Piercing assets:
– A bejeweled Plug for her beautiful butt
– A Piercing for her Beautiful Clit
– A Piercing for Each of her Beautiful Nipples
– A Piercing for her Beautiful & Talented Tongue
And if we could only get videos and pictures from each piercing session (live?). Cum on TM/photographer: if Anyone can make Dreams Cum True it is you (Three)!


11 months 25 days ago

Just when Maddie was slipping off my radar, Bang, she’s back big-styley with her secret weapon…the ponytail.

Quoting Madonna, Madison gives “good face” and putting her hair back accentuates hers, that smile and great eyes. Sported the same hairstyle in “Unleashed Duo” where she looks similarly fantastic with the added bonus of Naomi tailed up (her hair, I mean). Oh, if only she had done “Heavenly” in a tail.

This is a must buy.


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