Lili – Spectacular




Amount of photos in album: 134 pictures
Resolution: 4480 x 6720
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
Length: 10:19
Video Thumbnails:

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1 year 16 days ago

Always spectaculair with her perfect body

1 year 15 days ago

every now and again you have a wonderful couple of days in a row and it seems life can’t get any better, then tm and queen lili release this unlock and what seemed impossible is made possible. haven’t looked at anything other than the awesome looking previews but I already know its going to be a great end to a great couple of days. I think I was teased with a tit shot from a tribute video from this set quite some time ago but to finally be able to indulge in the full release

Oh Lili, you’re so fine
You’re so fine, you blow my mind

think/picture in the style of the song hey Mickey from 1981


1 year 15 days ago

good lord the pictures rival perfect panties sequel, for the best lili pussy shots of all time, wow.

wonderful additions to my lili pussy shot slideshow folder.


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