Lili – Charming




Amount of photos in album: 132 pictures
Resolution: 4480 x 6720
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
Length: 10:01
Video Thumbnails:

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1 month 20 days ago

Lots of great photos and the video had some unexpected sexy surprises for me.
In exactly 2 weeks it will mark the 10th year anniversary of Lili’s ‘Reanimated’ return. I’ll never forget how excited I was for that.
All these years later and that excitement remains with me…Lili day is still my favorite day.

1 month 19 days ago

This is the ones I crave! God Damn, she is just so fucking beautiful! She will always be my number one. I’m not a big fan of the “fuzzy” style pictures… but none the less, she has never looked better to me. Please tell me she is still modeling or is at least planning to? We need more present day Lili I beg you!


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