Elis – Casual




Amount of photos in album: 115 pictures
Resolution: 4480 x 6720
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
Length: 8:14
Video Thumbnails:

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9 months 17 days ago

A camera has all kind of limitations, in pixels, in sensitivity, in shutter speed and so on.
But as Elis so clearly show us, there is no limit to the amount of beauty a camera can capture.

9 months 16 days ago

I love watching a beautiful woman undress and Elis wasted no time in doing so. I also love the way she poses in a very classy erotic way not using hand bras and no pornographic poses, really classy job. She appears to be very petite; would you tell me her height? I know better than to ask a woman her age or weight.


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