Andy – Guest




Amount of photos in album: 73 pictures
Resolution: 4480 x 6720
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
Length: 8:29
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1 year 4 months ago

Andy is also at MC if you need more information from her. 🙂

Lonesome George
1 year 4 months ago

Andy is beautiful and has a super hot, curvy body, one of the hottest models I ever saw on this site for sure. However she needs to be a little more daring and revealing, either show or tease a bit more. This set is in my honest opinion a bit too “family friendly’, even compared to her set on MC where Andy opens up more. Anyway, I hope to see more of Andy in the future.
I must say that between the novelties and the returned models (Nicole and Laura) I am quite happy with the beginning of this year on TM. Nice work TeenMarvel!
Now please a duo with Lilith 😀