Thank you.

November 2013 was the month TeenMarvel launched. We have grown over the years not just in scope, but also in our hearts. Our passion and love for our models and fans has never been greater. We have nobody else to thank but you for reading this. We are eternally grateful. What are we doing to celebrate? Was this announcement just to say “thank you”?
Of course, there is more.

Starting tomorrow, TeenMarvel & MarvelCharm will update 6x per week.

We are essentially doubling the output of updates across our websites. Our websites will now be updating every day except for one. The specific day where there will be no update will be random, but you can be assured that 6 out of 7 days of the week will have an update for both websites. The best gift we can give fans is more content. This is the start of that commitment.

We could say more, but this is a website about our models, not our words. We did make a short yet tranquil video for our fans to watch. It will say more than anything we’ve put here.

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