Summer Bundle 2018



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Product Description

Downloadable photo albums in zip format
Amount of photos in album: 511 pictures
Resolution: Various
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
Length: 40:45
Video Thumbnails:
lili-smilecap-1 lili-smilecap-2 lili-smilecap-3 lili-smilecap-4 petra-summercap-1 petra-summercap-2 petra-summercap-3 petra-summercap-4 madison-summercap-1 madison-summercap-2 madison-summercap-3 madison-summercap-4 angela-summercap-1 angela-summercap-2 angela-summercap-3 angela-summercap-4

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20 days 23 hours ago

We want Belle to come back!!! Otherwise, a really good set! ❤️

19 days 9 hours ago

You won’t be heard. TeenMarvel would never try to make her regrets to modelling. I thought that she is officially retired and TeenMarvel doesn’t want to try to make one of their best girls ever to come back and be again our favorite with Lili. Wish to be in wrong, but I’m completely sure that TeenMarvel would never try to convince her again. Probably, low on funds to offer to her or something related. Very sad for us, TeenMarvel fans from Newstar era. :-(

19 days 8 hours ago

Please don’t make assumptions on things you know nothing of. You are wrong.
We know what fans want and do our best to make things happen.


20 days 22 hours ago

All the girls are hot, but Petra is on fire. I could listen and watch her all day.

Steve P
20 days 22 hours ago

Bye bye paycheck!

13 days 15 hours ago

It’s only $30. Either you work very little, or get paid a really crappy wage.

20 days 17 hours ago

Is Lili back to covering things up? It looks like yes and no?

20 days 16 hours ago

Lili and Madison. ❤ perfect hot and sexy ❤ special Lily I want make love with like this ❤

20 days 2 hours ago

It’s like Christmas in July!!! I’ve been hoping for some new Petra… and bonus Madi is ALWAYS a treat… plus Lili and Angela… Love all the ladies, but Petra is the MVP!!! Been meaning to say for a while, I LOVE the post credits scenes… That other “Marvel” has nothing on you TM (or MC either…) 😀 Thanks for another awesome bundle… I wanna lick that table…

19 days 8 hours ago

I bought the last 4 sets TeenMarvel has put out, Cutie and Katrina were good , new Lili brought me back to 2 years ago so far she’s not fulfilling her Xmas promise while Cutie is delivering the goods. For the Summer Bundle, Madison don’t care about her, I don’t think she’s hot but that just me,
Petra was hot, love Angela but she needs to show more and Lili is still in the pasties zone, like come on we all seen her …this is getting to be ridiculous.

17 days 22 hours ago

I bought all the recents Lili sets but I’m agreed with you about her ,we all dream to see her follow the example of Cutie and Naomi this years ,she would win to evolvole a little and showing more ,in my opinion … We all love her but personally I have the feeling to see always the same set/vid this late times with her …

17 days 14 hours ago

+1 Zanon and Goku
I only hope with Lili we will see that Christmas promise fulfill, because right now, her sets is like hit and miss for me, which is sad:(
I have already spend about 1k on this website, so yeah teenmarvel-listen to your supporters because for me paying for some decent Lili sets its not a big problem and i would love to support You even more but please, start delivering

15 days 18 hours ago

It seems most of the commenters are not Madison fans, but I am! And I need to know how good her set is to justify buying this. Can any Madison fans say how good her set is in this bundle? Is it as good as her stuff in her last solo bundle?

11 days 8 hours ago

I agree. I only look forward to Madison, Naomi, and Cutie. Unfortunately, without any real progression, Madison’s stuff is repetitive and not very risky. I would gladly pay for Naomi/Cutie level Madison… or something close.

12 days 8 hours ago

I really love Madison. She gets more and more bold. Something about those eyes. I love Lili too. I haven’t bought anything from her in a while because it’s kind of repetitive. Angela and Petra are both hot as fire too. I’ll be getting this set.


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