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Amount of photos in album: 79 pictures
Resolution: 4480×6720
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
Length: 10:20
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22 days 20 hours ago

WTF?!? She finally done gone and done it? My tired work eyes must be deceiving me on this tiny phone screen cause I can swear I see some things I’ve waited a lonnnnng time to see. This is SO bought if that’s the case. Wow!

22 days 18 hours ago

Slippery when wet…

22 days 13 hours ago

BUY IT GUYS! OMG Well worth it! This was a perfect “tease” video as far as I’m concerned. Just enough “suprises” to satisfy any questions you might have but still leave you longing for next time because maybe it will be even better lol. I would buy every single one if she went this far every time. She is truly under utilized and not allowed her full potential me thinks. “If you show it…. They will come!!!”
Thank you Madison and thank you TM.

J. Smith
22 days 3 hours ago

When this website first launched, I had already had a personal favorite and was biased to pretty much every other model. Since last year… Madison has been my favorite, and the only model that I have every set of. She has set a new expectation for me, and one I hope to not see diminish. I don’t mind the tease, it always leaves me wanting more. But the video… OMG the video! That is pure gold. Even if only for a brief moment. Everyone who likes blondes, or Maddie, get this set!!!

21 days 23 hours ago

It’s so good to see an older video of Madison, and one where you left some of the good parts in. I hope you have more of this stuff saved from back when she was still a B cup :)

21 days 14 hours ago

They get bigger or smaller? And puffy nipples released in this set?

I Spend Too Much Here
20 days 22 hours ago

Not sure about the size difference, but there are a couple peaks in the video, and some slight areola slips in the pic set.

7 days 19 hours ago

She has grown a lot over the last couple of years. It’s really noticeable when you look at her early stuff.

21 days 12 hours ago

I for one have been a little critical of Madison for as I had said it’s like taking her on a date,spend your money and all you get is a handshake goodnight for your troubles. The pic set is nice,but the video is smoking hot,even if you’re not a fan of Madison,this is a must buy set,it certainly made my day. Thanx to Maddy for stepping up. :)

21 days 6 hours ago

Madison has always been great, but as others have said, this video has something a little extra special. These bath videos lately have been great.

19 days 10 hours ago

Lili was my favorite but somethin about Madison has made her my top favorite

16 days 10 hours ago

Oh yes <3 the video has some very good parts in it 😛

5 days 20 hours ago

Yes, this video is amazing! She is a peach