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Downloadable photo album in zip format
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Katrina’s hypnotic, topless tease leaves you mindf*cked…

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8 months 15 hours ago

another perfect set from Katrina cannot wait what she had in store in her newer sets and I hope she gets the full support she deserves I hate to see her leave.
question regarding the last part of the video is there going to be a part 2 or more to come in the future sets?

8 months 6 hours ago

Right now she wants to be a tease model, but there are some creative liberties she’s comfortable with doing that are sure to make all of her sets interesting.
We’re mustering all we can out of her now and in the future.

8 months 11 hours ago

While I wish she would reveal more, I cannot deny how HOT this set is. Katrina is easily one of the hottest models on the internet. Absolute beauty and a delicious body. What an incredible ass. Thank you Katrina and Teen Marvel.

7 months 28 days ago

Katrina is undeniably beautiful… her body is amazing… and i have to agree with Bob… her ass IS incredible!!! It’s an onion butt… it’ll make ya cry…

7 months 28 days ago

Another wonderful set from this beauty. Anything with her or cutie for me is an instant purchase. Hopefully she continues the great sets and maybe if comfortable becomes more daring in the future

7 months 10 days ago

After Katrina left another site I wasn’t sure I’d see more of her again. I’m crazy happy to see her here, and your videos are her best yet. I really hope to see many many more videos of her, she’s my favorite model.

7 months 9 days ago

Thanks! You will see much more of her. We’ve already shot more and she is already eager to do it again.