Lili – Post-it GirlLili had lots of fun in this unique post-it outfit. You’ll see lots of smiles, tons of teasing, and even a failed attempt at a selfie with the camera. We hope you enjoy it just as much as her.Download Set + Video

Freya – Stars & StripesFreya shatters the status quo and will bring you to your knees. With her best features on display, this makes for a must have. She has something to show you.Download Set + VideoCome see MarvelCharm

Chloe – FigurineChloe certainly has the figure and poses of some sort of figurine. You’ll get to really see her come to life and surprise you with her perfect body, as she is quite the bombshell.Download Set + Video

Melissa – FearlessMelissa steps up and puts on a show like no other. She has no fear in going in such a bold direction. Once you see for yourself, you’ll love her for it.Download Set + Video

Lili – PrincessLili plays dress up for you and looks like royalty. You’ll be stunned by her elegance and posing, so don’t miss out on what she’s offering.Download Set + Video

Sylvia – Blue MagicThe magic doesn’t stop with Sylvia. The metallic blue dress is fantastic on her, and she does a great job without it. She’s even a little generous in giving you what you want.Download Set + Video

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