Melissa – Blue DressLounge around with Melissa in her cute little blue outfit. It’s a mini dress skirt, possibly a little too small. We don’t think you’ll mind, though.Download Set + Video

Karen – MarvelousThe seductive, college girl Karen is ready to tease you again. Marvelous is the only way we can describe her in this stunning update, as she’ll give you a little more this time. You’ll get your fix with Karen, that is a guarantee.Download Set + Video

Odessa & Anita – Feather BoaOdessa dances and models with guest model Anita in this feathery update. Odessa has her long legs, while Anita brings some curves to the action. We hope you enjoy.Download Set + Video

Luna – Red MagicTry to contain yourself before viewing this one. Luna has magical features that will make you melt. The red dress and thong look great, but the magic comes once they’re off. You’ll be put in a trance.Download Set + Video

Lili – Bubble Bath 2Are you ready to return to the bubble bath with Lili? We hope so, because there’s video this time around. Watch Lili wash herself clean in this next installment of the bubble bath series.Download Set + Video

Freya – BathrobeDon’t mind the heat, it’s just Freya relaxing in a bathrobe. We managed to grab a quick photo and video session before giving her some privacy. This is one you won’t want to miss.Download Set + Video

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