Petra & Lilith – Massage


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Amount of photos in album: 138 pictures
Resolution: 4480 x 6720
Video Resolution: 1920×1080
Length: 9:26
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1 year 1 month ago

TeenMarvel you are evil or genius 😉 Petra is one of my favorite models. And now Lilith too, each new set, I want to have another serie of stunning Lilith.

Lonesome George
1 year 1 month ago

Any duo with sweet Lilith a no-brainer, instant buy 🙂

However if I may give some feedback, I think that even though both my favorite Lilith and Petra are undoubtly lovely, sexy ladies, I get a feeling that Lilith is much more into this kind of action than Petra is.

In all the lesbian duo sets that Lilith took part, both with Sofi, Caroline and now Petra, Lilith always looked like she was really enjoying every moment and would
probably be willing to do to even more naughty stuff if the opportunity arrives (I can only dream…).

Petra on the other hand looks a bit unconfortable with this. She tries, but it shows in her facial expressions that she is unconfortable, and how she clearly avoids whenever possible touching Lilith’s naughty bits like her nipples etc. So I wonder if Petra is really a good choice for this kind of set.

Lilith would probably shine if she was paired with another girl that was so much into this kind of action as she obviously is. Like Daniela, Mia, Victoria or even Maddison.

For leasbian duo sets to work well, both girls must be confortable with it. Maddie and Victoria work well. Victoria with Daniela work well. Mia and Daniela work well. Daniela and Caroline work well. Lilith and Caroline worked well. But Maddie and Cutie don’t work so well, as Cutie clearly refrains much more than Maddie. Same for Maddie with Naomi. I love Naomi, but she clearly isn’t confortable with lesbian stuff. And the same for Lilith and Petra, as Lilith seems like she would gladly go even further, but Petra does not.

Perhaps one day we could see Lilith paired with Mia (is Mia still available? I miss her very much), or with Daniela, or again with Caroline, or even with Maddie? Any girl that is so much into this as Lilith is.

Just my 2 cents, cheers and thank you for your wonderful work.

Mister J
1 year 1 month ago

Oh my Freakin goodness!!!


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